Motorcyclist Club is a club for motorcyclists (it's not about the motorcycles, it's about their enjoyment by the people who ride them).

This club isn't about brands, names or bikes.  It is about the people with freedom in their grasp, the wind in their face and power between their legs.

Brands are insignificant to the club, as each model has will always have strengths and weaknesses, newer models may sport more advanced technology and this will not change.  But the fact that we enjoy the freedom, and accept the challenge that riding motorcycles offers, this creates a bond that people in cages do not share.  We often refer to this bond as our brotherhood.

This does not mean we don't have our differences.  Motorcycles are all about choice and their riders should be as well.  Some will prefer to race over ride, some prefer the trail over the street.  But the exhiliration of riding motorcycles is a luxury all men should enjoy.  

Motorcycles play a significant part in our lives, but they are the tools that enable our freedom and shared brotherhood.  Motorcycles aren't the brotherhood, we are the brotherhood because we ride, motorcycles are the connection we share.  Motorcyclist Club celebrates that connection, but also sees riders as the masters of sophisticated tools that non-riders don't get.  And that is why we try to educate the ones that don't get it, because everyone needs respect on the road, especially those who are vulnerable. 

We face all sorts of challenges as a group.  Even though a motorcycle is a more efficient means of travel, which can actually assist in keeping its riders healthier, we are challenged not only by the elements, but endangered by distracted drivers and other stupidity, including over-regulation and ignorance. 

Our biggest task is to the educate the public.  We need to take responsibility for this, because ignorance is inexcusable.  And to let someone stay ignorant is our failure, because it is our own very best interest to make sure that everyone is aware of us.  Kids have no experience.  They don't understand the responsibilty they have when they climb behind the wheel.  

Distracted driving, especially those who drive while texting without any concern for other life, are the most ignorant and sinister of them all.  These are complete breakdowns in education and failures in teaching responsibility.  Someone has to step up.  

As we all know, there is also a great strength in numbers.  This Motorcyclist Club is an attempt to create respect and awareness for motorcyclists through brotherhood and education by standing together for something we believe in and enjoy that we often find endangerd.  

We need many to stand as one, in brotherhood against ignorance and bias.  We look to educate and inform.  We demand respect and intend to create awareness. 

We are fellow road and trail citizens and we don't appreciate murderous distracted, drunk of buzzed drivers.  We want to fight undue and foolish regulations.  Along the way, we hope to contribute to those in need.

While this group is fresh and new, there is a lot to do.  I hope to have your support in the months and years to come.  But this is not my group, I am merely attempting to start it.  This club will belong to its members.

For now, this web page is a global profile place holder.  I will have to pursue a more customizable website and application hosting platform in the near future, but I am doing this as a spare time project in the hopes it can become my focus one day.

If you would like to contact me to participate and help found this idea, please use my website,  contact Doug Peters.


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